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Zagreb, 01.01.2015

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Zagrebački trgovinski sistem d.o.o.
ZTS Zagreb

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Tel./fax: 3639075

e-mail: zts@zts.hr

zts zagreb - čistačice - čišćenje poslovnih prostoraAnother year has begun and to start with, we wish you a successful and clean one. We can take care of cleanness with our teams comprising cleaning women/hostesses, cleaners, cleaning of premises, furniture, floors, cleaning of carpets and carpetings, in-depth vacuuming and washing, polishing of stone and parquet, special services for polishing and washing of other floorings, windows as well as taking down curtains, their cleaning and refitting, removal of rust and everything else that can make your BLACK turn WHITE.

We are here this year with you again to help you make your living space and business premises nicer and more comfortable to stay at. Our experienced team can be in charge this year as well of your premises no matter whether they are located in the city of Zagreb of any other part of our beautiful homeland.

This year we want to be with you as well on more than 350 different locations in over 200 places in the Republic of Croatia. Although the city of Zagreb is most represented with our clients, each of our client is equally important to us which can be confirmed by our clients in over 199 places. Our attitude is to keep our individual approach towards each of our clients and treat all of them all as equally important since our motto does not recognize anything but wish to make BLACK WHITE.

This year as well we invite to turn to us with confidence and check our services, our employees whether the subject are our cleaning women/hostesses, cleaners or other employees from our team. We will also endeavour furthermore not to lose your confidence and to spend with you another 365 days.

This year as well… Yes, at the beginning of this year there are resolutions to be made and guidelines the way this year show pass… This year we will also be better and this year…

This year we will be a year older and more experienced, better and more professional. Those who have been with us for more than 20 years know that and we can state with certainty we will be that way as our experience confirms us this.

We wish you a clean and successful 2015 year!

Your ZTS Zagreb Team

Dirt stands no chance with us, since only in our company BLACK may become WHITE, of course if you want it.